Hawk Measurement, United States Of America, USA.


Hawk Measurement

HAWK develops and manufactures level measurement equipment based on different technologies such as, Acoustic Wave, Ultrasonic, Microwave and Radar etc.

The company has a distinguished record of success in the application of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, and the provision of expert services which range from the provision of instrumentation and technical assistance, through to implementation and ongoing asset management.

HAWK systematically monitors and evaluates its projects and employs the best practice and quality assurance procedures. Application examples are addressed by experts of the highest calibre who are selected for their experience and are trained in our factory to assure proper application of the instruments and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Available distribution: WA, OR, AK (exclusive distribution)

Products Available

    • Blocked Chute Protection Switches
    • Continuous Level Transmitters
    • Sonar Bed Level System
    • Point Level Switches
    • Magnetic Level Gauge
    • Machinery Anti Collision Systems
    • Machinery Positioning Systems
    • Non Contact Flow Measurement
    • Pressure and Level Transmitters
    • Fibre Optic Smart Sensor Technology
    • Communication


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