Mobile Proving Services

Westech is pleased to provide meter calibrations utilizing the Honeywell Small Volume Prover. Currently, we operate two Honeywell S-25 Provers with the max flow rate of 3570 BPH, 2499 GPM and 568 m3/h. The two mobile provers are trailer mounted allowing for broad coverage of the western United States, with one prover located in California and the other in Washington. Outfitted with two 12vdc deep cycle batteries that are wired in series to create 24VDC operating power, our provers can perform in the most remote locations.

Westech utilizes Prove-it 8 software to operate the provers and collect data from each meter proving that will meet each customer’s required measurement policy, along with State and Federal guidelines and tolerances. Our technicians follow the Westech company policy of .05% repeatability and .0020 factor variation between previous and current proving. With over 25 years of proving experience combined, our highly experienced technicians will troubleshoot your Rack, Pipeline, Rail and LPG issues should any occur.

Westech mobile proving services include:

• 2 NIST certied portable small volume provers 

• On-site reports for each meter calibrated 

• Weights and measures certified in CA, OR, WA, AZ, TX, CO

• Prover certificates available upon request

• Calibrated products include liquid, refined petroleum Products, crude oil and liquid natural gases (Propane, and Butane)


Prover Specs:

• Honeywell Enraf S-25 Small Volume Prover

• 300lb RF Flanges, pressure tested 4 inch rack master hoses with documents available per request.

• Can connect to customer fittings including hammer union fittings, API couplers, camlock, and anged connections.


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Serving the western United States