Develops intelligent 3D sensor-driven robotics applications for harsh environments that improve the safety, productivity and cost-effectiveness of our customer’s operations. We use our industry-unique and patented 3D Real-time intelligence (3DRi™) scanner and software technologies to solve real-world automation problems in industries like mining, oil and gas, heavy civil construction, aerospace or anywhere intelligent 3D can help automate complex or dangerous tasks.

Customers include global mining, defence, and aerospace companies and distribution partners and resellers.

Available/Exclusive distribution: Wyoming, Utah, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho, Nebraska, Colorado (exclusive) and for Oregon, Washington & Alaska (Non-Exclusive)

Products Available

    • OPAL™ 3D Laser scanner for harsh environments and 3DRi™ Real-time intelligence software
    • Operator-assist and machine automation solutions using patented OPAL 3D LiDAR technologies


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